What are the causes and consequences of happiness?

Is there any one who could tell me about the causes and consequences of happiness.
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"A good mood boosts people’s perceptions of the world and their willingness to help others (the feel-good, do-good phenomenon). The moods triggered by the day’s good or bad events seldom last beyond that day. Even significant good events, such as a substantial rise in income, seldom increase happiness for long. We can explain the relativity of happiness with the adaptation-level phenomenon and the relative deprivation principle. Nevertheless, some people are usually happier than others, and researchers have identified factors that predict such happiness."
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" You should think that the real difference with degrees of happiness between a prize winner and also an gent who has been recently forever disabled aside harm can be substantial and long-term, however the British Health-related Record studies that your yr immediately after both function people go back to their prior degree of delight. A gaggle of psychologists done a good upon-intending study in relation to delight. Whenever questioned to fee the total higher level of happiness using a plate from a single to 10, a lot of people mentioned approximately half a dozen.several. The study identified a divorce proceedings as well as significant accidental injury triggered that amount to travel decrease an argument as well as a couple between a year, nevertheless it and then generally came back for the normal level. Successful the lotto or even falling enamored brought up the extent an argument or maybe ii around one year, on the other hand the idea returned towards the previous level. Just what research identified is that a small rise in felicity that may be sustained is much more significant than dramatic living activities; put simply, if you learn small items that make you feel satisfied and show you to ultimately these individuals often, your entire amount of joy will be higher than developed with a profitable lotto just the ticket. "
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