What are the causes of gender differences?

Reasons creating gender differences.
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Causes of Gender Differences:–Testosterone linked to aggression in other animal species.Cross-sectional studies fail to find support for testosterone-aggression link in humans (Archer, 1991)Longitudinal study failed to find co-variation between testosterone and aggression in humans.–Evolutionary Accounts Low status men more likely to engage in physical confrontations (Archer et al. 1995)–Social Role Model Gender differences accounted for by differences in socialization . Source:
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"In line with review data, United states women of all ages systematically report lower berth on questions regarding politics expertise compared to work force. This specific change makes women unlikely to be able to ballot, run position as well as get in touch with his or her chosen associates. Nevertheless, the foundation will cause in addition to morphological obstacles which excuse this specific relentless sexuality difference within political understanding — typically A twelve-place variation inwards studies — are certainly not well grasped. "
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