What are the characteristics of a virtual path connection?

Give some explanation of virtual path connection?
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"Same as for a VCC, plus: Virtual channel identifier restriction within a VPC: One or more virtual channel identifiers, or numbers, may not be available to the user of the VPC but may be reserved for network use. Examples include VCCs used for network management."
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As with PBXs, the features involving non-open Atm machine pulls is often more full-incarnate compared to those relating to average person Standard atmosphere changes. A good example may be the use of changed virtual circuits. Even though this coupled-require operation has developed into investment feature of low-populace switches for over 5yrs, people insurance companies have got late began oblation SVC companies. Every time a strong needed state-of-the-art attributes, the product ended up required to create a not-open public Bank multilevel, which often don't enable technique average person Atm machine group regarding transport. "
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