What are the components of an emotion?

I have an important test next week. I need the information for the components of an emotion.
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"Emotions are psychological responses of the whole organism involving an interplay among (1) physiological arousal, (2) expressive behaviors, and (3) conscious experience. Three theories support different combinations of these responses. The James-Lange theory maintains that our emotional feelings follow our body’s response to the emotion-inducing stimuli. The Cannon-Bard theory proposes that our body responds to emotion at the same time that we experience the emotion (one does not cause the other). The two-factor theory holds that our emotions have two ingredients: physical arousal and a cognitive label."
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"Sentiment is often a psychological state concerning a distinctive intuitive feeling strengthen. In accordance with Woodworth, 'Emotion is often a moved or even aroused-upward condition involving living thing.' Emotions can be described as an intricate operation where our own thoughts are abandoned short by the unexampled scenario. That brand-new situation is coupled with linked concepts, having solid useful tone, which can be compounded additionally by way of amount of organic feelings."
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