What are the differences among angle modulation, PM, and FM?

Explain Angle modulation, PM and FM?
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"Frequency modulation (FM) and phase modulation (PM) are special cases of angle modulation. For PM, the phase is proportional to the modulating signal. For FM, the derivative of the phase is proportional to the modulating signal."
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Inside analog apps, the visible difference relating to the instant and also the starting consistency in the provider can be direct relative to the fast valuation on the actual stimulation-indication amplitude. Electronic digital files may be routed by unfirm the particular carrier's rate of recurrence amongst a range of adjustments, a way often known as consistency-change typing (FSK). FSK is actually popular inwards info along with telefax modems, and will be used to air Morse computer code. [1] Radioteletype also employs FSK.
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