What are the different types of Bond Market?

Hi Docsity Q n A contributors, my question is that can you provide some of the Bond Market types?
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"Types of Bond Market: Bond market is divided by maturity • Money Market - short-term issues that mature within one year • Notes - intermediate-term issues that mature between one and ten years • Bonds - long-term obligations with maturity greater than ten years. Source:"
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"The text market place (also known as the financial lending, or fixed earnings current market) is really a economic industry where by members may difficulty completely new debt, called the basal current market, as well as purchase and sell debts investments, known as the Secondary market place, unremarkably such as bonds. The key purpose with the bond companies are use a process with regard to lasting finance associated with private and public bills. Typically, the bond marketplace seemed to be mainly dominated by the United States, currently the united states is around 48% from the market place. Adjusted 09, the length of this throughout the world relationship grocery store (total personal debt fantastic) is definitely an believed $eighty two.two million, that how big the excellent Oughout.Ersus. connection grocery store debts had been $thirty-one.only two one million million million in accordance with Financial institution for Overseas Debt settlements (BIS), or perhaps otherwise $thirty-five.a couple of 1000000000000 by Q2 2011 according to Market as well as Real estate markets Connexion (SIFMA). "
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