What are the different types of Scheduling Queues?

Do you know some Scheduling Queues Types? Explain Please.
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"Programming methods or preparation insurance policies are mostly used by quick-time period programming. The leading purpose of shortsighted-period scheduling is usually to budget for brand time in such a manner concerning optimise a number of issues with system actions. With regard to these kind of arranging formulas think a unmarried processor chip exists. Booking formulas decide which in the techniques inside set line might be allocated to the actual Computer can be foundation around the type of programming policy in addition to whether or not of which insurance policy is definitely sometimes preemptive or perhaps neo-preemptive"
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"As processes enter the system, they are put into a job queue, which consists of all processes in the system. The processes that are residing in main memory and are ready and waiting to execute are kept on a list called the ready queue. This queue is generally stored as a linked list. A ready-queue header contains pointers to the first and final PCBs in the list. Each PCB includes a pointer field that points to the next PCB in the ready queue. Suppose the process makes an I/O request to a shared device, such as a disk. Since there are many processes in the system, the disk may be busy with the I/O request of some other process. The process therefore may have to wait for the disk. The list of processes waiting for a particular I/O device is called a device queue. Each device has its own device queue"
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"The Scheduling Queues in the Systems are : (1) Job Queue : As processes enters in the System, they are put into a job queue. (2) Ready Queue : The processes that are residing in the main memory and are ready and waiting to execute are kept in the ready queue. (3) Device Queue : This queue contains a list of processes waiting for I/O devices. Source:"
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