What are the key criticisms of evolutionary psychology?

Hi all! This seems way too difficult for me, let me try to explain about the criticisms of evolutionary psychology.
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From its starting, evolutionary mindset (Air) offers produced real debate along with judgments.Criticisms contain 1) conflicts regarding the testability of transformative hypotheses, 3) alternatives to a few of the cognitive presumptions (such as huge modularity) generally working at evolutionary mindset, several) claimed vagueness coming through transformative assumptions (E.g. precariousness around the environs of transformative adaptation, EEA), iv) vary type of pressure within the incredible importance of low-hereditary in addition to low-adaptative details, as well as 5) politics and honourable issues. "
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"Critics argue that evolutionary psychologists start with an effect and work backward to an explanation, that the evolutionary perspective gives too little emphasis to social influences, and that the evolutionary viewpoint absolves people from taking responsibility for their sexual behavior. Evolutionary psychologists respond that understanding our predispositions can help us overcome them. They also cite the value of testable predictions based on evolutionary principles, as well as the coherence and explanatory power of those principles."
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