What are the levels of management in an organization?

Please elaborate the organization levels of management?
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"Your managing abilities include the quality of the director that happen to be based in the managers. The effort necessity of all the business as well as organization requires the distinct abilities inside supervisors so that you can cope with the business enterprise atmosphere also to pass productive out there. So you'll find several types of expertise that the administrators need as a way to physical exertion the skill-sets within the individual inside folks. Therefore managers experience your large amount of dilemma that demands unique knowledge of the mangers in order to clear up these individuals. Then when the manager counter tops problems they'll likely involve a few specific skills so that you can take care of the specific issues. "
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"These levels of management within any kind of business are generally leading, heart, reducing managing level managing. The degree this agreement supervisors accomplish the particular functions of supervision – setting up, arranging, directional, in addition to managing – may differ by simply stage in the supervision pecking order. "
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"There are three levels of management in an organization.Strategic management,tactical management and operational management. Source:"
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