What are the Membership and Symbolic Groups of a Consumer Behavior?

Do you know something about the Consumer's Membership and Symbolic Groups?
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"Membership and Symbolic Groups: Groups can also be classified on the basis of membership as membership groups and symbolic groups. When a person belongs to a group by virtue of membership or even if he merely qualifies for a membership to that group, it is called a membership group. On the other hand, when a person does not form a part of a group and/or does not qualify to be a member of the group, but nonetheless adopts the values, norms and patterns of behavior similar to members of the group, he is said to be a member of a symbolic group. In consumer behavior, the focus lies on membership groups. Source:"
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When a someone end up being the member of almost any collection by vitrue. As well as in the event that they qualify for the almost any account group. It truly is called membership party.
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