What are the MOST important parts of the Trojan War?

I am simply just interested what on earth is biggest. All of the gods demise, or right now there interactions of which transformed? And ways in which did some of the gods feel through the conflict? For example: Had been Aphrodite pleased mainly because Knight in shining armor London along with Helen are generally jointly?
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"The start of the war; Paris carrying off Helen. Agamemnon taking away Achilles' war prize, triggering Achilles' anger. The duel between Menelaus and Paris, which almost ended the war Patroclus fighting in Achilles armor and being killed by Hector. The duel between Hector and Achilles. Priam coming to Achilles to beg for Hector's body the funeral games of Patroclus The deaths of Achilles, Ajax the Greater, and other of the great heroes before the end of the war The Trojan Horse and the fall of Troy. Most of the Gods supported one side or another throughout. Many because they had sons fighting. In Zeus' case, he had sons and grandsons on both sides. Athena and Hera led the pro-Greek faction, while Ares and Aphrodite were on the Trojan side. It's interesting that those two both were wounded in the war. Ultimately, Zeus allowed the Greeks to win, though his sympathies were with Troy. And gods like Hera and Poseidon would harbor resentments against certain mortals even after the war, while Athena would protect her favorite, Odysseus, through much of his journey home."
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Almost all of the Gods backed the whites or perhaps one more end-to-end. Quite a few given that they had daughters preventing.
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