What are the physics behind pyramids?

"Howdy! Consequently Now i'm doing task upon seism technology and the issue of pyramid framework happens. They are a real dependable buildings yet I cannot find the natural philosophy guiding it, almost all I am aware is always that humans rich person ever realized likely by far the most stable buildings and that is worldwide. When you know the dimensions and science driving the item as well as could make clear the idea absolutely need words and phrases or even your own personal hypothesis, I had really appreciate it ^^ W.S: I've researched on the search engines, I merely preserve seeking the good reputation for egypt"
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"I'm not 100% sure what the question is asking for but this is what I think the answer may be: The pyramids are built on top of a 'base' which are basically rectangle and more and more of these were built on top of each other, getting smaller each time until they formed a pyramid."
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"To protect them against enemies and intruders after death, Egypt's pharaohs were entombed with their treasures in cleverly concealed chambers deep with in their monumental pyramids. Most of these royal burial vaults have long since been discovered and looted, but some archaeologists suspect that others still lie undisturbed behind tons of lime stone and granite blocks. Egypt's pyramids may soon yield their remaining secrets. In a speech before the American Physical Society last week, University of California Physicist Luis Alvarez reported that his ingeniously conceived project to peer into the pyramids with cosmic rays is about to get under... "
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