What are the transfer modes supported by HDLC? Describe each.

Descibe transfer modes supported by HDLC?
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"Normal response mode (NRM): Used with an unbalanced configuration. The primary may initiate data transfer to a secondary, but a secondary may only transmit data in response to a command from the primary. Asynchronous balanced mode (ABM): Used with a balanced configuration. Either combined station may initiate transmission without receiving permission from the other combined station. Asynchronous response mode (ARM): Used with an unbalanced configuration. The secondary may initiate transmission without explicit permission of the primary. The primary still retains responsibility for the line, including initialization, error recovery, and logical disconnection."
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"Asynchronous nicely balanced function extra the thought of some sort of merged fatal which could behave as equally any main along with a second. There are several subtleties about this function connected with procedure; although many highlights of the actual method tend not to proper care whether have been in a command or even reception framing, some complete, along with the deal with discipline of any obtained frame must be analyzed to determine when it has a demand (this savoir-faire received is actually our bait) or possibly a result (the particular address been given belongs to the other incurable). "
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