What are the various levels at which segmentation can take place?

Please explain the concept of levels on which segmentation take place in the context of the Consumer Behavior.
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"It take place at the following levels: a) Single Segmentation: - One segment only. - The marketer caters to the entire market with a single offering and the same marketing mix. -Similar to mass marketing - Example: for products like salt, sugar and staples. b) Differentiated segment marketing: - Selection of two or more segments - Approach these segments with differentiated offerings and corresponding marketing mixes and programs. - Example: Shampoos and toiletries. c) Concentrated marketing: - The marketer caters to just one segment although the product could appeal to others. - This is generally a sub-group within the whole segment. - The process includes targeting a small segment with a specialized mix meant only for that segment. - Also called focused or niche marketing - Example: Sports channels on TV; Religious channels on TV. d) Micro-marketing: i) Local marketing: - The marketer caters to local customer groups - Example: movies dubbed in vernaculars. ii) Individual marketing - The marketers caters to the customer individual and personalize the marketing mix. - The segment comprises one individual; So it is individual to individual marketing. - Also called customization. - Example: Holiday packages Source:"
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Marketplace partition is usually a web marketing strategy which involves splitting up a diverse audience into subsets of consumers with usual desires (and also/or usual dreams) together with frequent apps to the applicable items in addition to solutions. According to the unique qualities with the merchandise, these kinds of subsets can be divided up aside conditions for instance get older and also gender, or even some other differences, including area or even profits. Marketing activities are able to follow developed and implemented to target these kind of particular purchaser pieces, addressing requires or desires which are regarded as usual in this part, exploitation marketing utilized through the marketplace part.
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