"What are the traits of those at the low and high intelligence extremes?"

"Hello to everybody, please explain about the traits of those at the low and high intelligence extremes."
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"Those with intelligence test scores below 70, the cut-off mark for the diagnosis of mental retardation (now often called intellectual disability), vary from near-normal to those requiring constant aid and supervision. Down syndrome is a form of retardation with a physical cause—an extra copy of chromosome 21. High-scoring people, contrary to popular myths, tend to be healthy and well-adjusted, as well as unusually successful academically. Schools sometimes “track” such children, separating them from those with lower scores. Such programs can become self-fulfilling prophecies as children live up to—or down to—others’ perceptions of their ability."
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Regardless how we tend to determine in addition to evaluate thinking ability, it's correct that you will have a wide range of single distinctions.
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