What brain areas are involved in language processing?

Hi all, need help!!!!!! the involvement of brain areas in language processing.
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"When you read aloud, your brain’s visual cortex registers words as visual stimuli, the angular gyrus transforms those visual representations into auditory codes, Wernicke’s area interprets those codes and sends the message to Broca’s area, which controls the motor cortex as it creates the pronounced words. But we now know that language results from the integration of many specific neural networks performing specialized subtasks in many parts of the brain."
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"Observation mental performance communicate as well as hear Professionals include tried out over a century to know the way the head understands, stores, and also procedures speech. The duty is hard since there are no more wildlife who may have mark techniques because loaded equally language. Therefore, for an extended time, info on what sort of encephalon processed speech may solely range from survey with the effects with words connected with neurological disorder inwards world. During the past ten, interesting completely new approaches get helped people for you to picture the regular human brain at your workplace control dialect. What employed to acquire decades to know, equally experts silently laid for the possiblity to analyse this heads of sufferers from position-mortem, is now neared in several weeks utilizing positron emission tomography, unique analyses connected with electroencephalograms, fMRI, magnetoencephalography, along with other methods."
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