What do you call a woman that wants to ruin her children's lives for no real reason?

"She is telling everyone ""I have NO daughters! If any of my daughters get married I will curse them and ruin them."" What is her problem? I got Married and I'm 20. And so happy. Leaving was the best choice I made and have never looked back since. My 25 year old sister is also getting married and my mother has tried to ruin her relationship.. My mom has borderline personality disorder. I have never had a relationship with her. My mom always does this always tries to start drama in these really evil extreme ways. None of us are speaking to her, I moved out and have refused to visit or see my mother because she has threatened me and than makes me feel bad for wanting to grow up. What is wrong with my mother? I feel ashamed to call her my mother."
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"Your Mom is mentally damaged from something(s) in her past. You don't have to figure it out. You are doing the right thing by setting your own boundaries (not visiting her, etc). However, it obviously bothers you. It may be a good idea to seek out some program like Al-Anon or something similar."
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