What could be the objectives of communication?

Hi Everyone! I wouldn't be bothering but this seems far above my caliber. Do you know what possibly can be the communication objectives?
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"The marketer may have various objective(s) behind his communication programme. He may want to: -make the consumer (or the prospect) aware of the product/service offering, and the marketing mix (“cognitive” objective); -create a favorable attitude towards his product/service offering (“affective/emotional” objective); -elicit an action (purchase) from the target (“conative/behavioral”: objective). Apart from these, he could also aim at creating goodwill and a favorable social image (publicity). All or any one of these could comprise as the objectives of communication. Source: "
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"8 significant Objectives involving Connection usually are: i. To develop data in addition to knowing among almost all personnel. 2. To create an attitude that's needed for drive, cohesiveness along with task satisfaction? a few. To be able to suppress untruths, equivocalness and also rumors. iv. To prepare staff for something new with approaches or perhaps natural environment giving these hidden selective information beforehand. v. For you to promote subordinates to supply suggestions along with recommendations for enhancing upon the product or work environment, in addition to using most of these recommendations significantly. half-dozen. To raise time-management associations by maintaining expire interaction programs open up. several. In order to motivate sociable contact involving workers through encouraging inter transmission"
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