On what criteria would you evaluate the Viability of the Segment?

This seems way too difficult for me, let me try, Explain the method in which one can evaluate the process of Segment validity?
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"Criterion The viability of a segment is based on the following criteria: a. Measurable: -The segment should be measurable in term of the total size, purchasing power and, demographic, geographic and psycho-graphic characteristics. b. Substantial: -The segment should be of sufficient size so as to generate profits; it should also have a potential for growth. c. Accessible: - It should be reachable and easy to enter or penetrate. - The marketers must be able to deliver the product or service offering and must be able to operate therein. d. Differentiable: - One segment should be easily differentiated from another; - It should be distinct from others and the people therein should react differently from other segments towards a marketing mix program; - Clear differences in consumer want, needs and preferences for the product must exist across segments. - Homogeneity within the segment; Heterogeneity with other segments. e. Actionable: - It should be possible to design a marketing program directed towards that segment and serve it effectively and efficiently. - The marketer should be able to react to the need, wants and preferences of the segment with the appropriate marketing mix. Source:"
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"Market partitioning is dependant on identifying buyers who discuss related requirements and also comforting all of them in lieu of wanting to match the all of the buyers on the market. [To learn to read with regards to summary of grocery store sectionalization click this link] Since the 2d phase of the partitioning scheme we must measure the practicality from the section. "
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