What are the different types of Bond Portfolio Management Strategies?

Does anyone know about the Bond Portfolio Management Strategies types? Explain it briefly. I need it for my quiz.
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"Alternative Bond Portfolio Strategies: 1. Passive portfolio strategies: Buy and hold, Indexing. Buy and hold strategy simply involves buying a bond and holding it until maturity. Bond investors would examine such factors as quality ratings, coupon levels, terms to maturity, call features and sinking funds. Indexing involves attempting to build a portfolio that will match the performance of a selected bond portfolio index 2. Semi-Active Management Strategy: It refers to bond portfolio management techniques that are used to service a prescribed set of liabilities. It can be Pure Cash Matched Dedicated Portfolios 9 conservative approach) or Dedication With Reinvestment or can be both. 3. Active management strategies: Potential sources of return from fixed income portfolio: Coupon income, Capital gain, Reinvestment income. Fundamental active strategies includes, Interest rate expectations strategy, Yield Curve strategies, Valuation analysis, Credit analysis, use of Bond swaps 4. Matched-funding techniques: Horizon matching. It is a combination of cashmatching dedication and immunization. Important decision is the length of the horizon period. Source:"
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