What do you if you want to change your life?

my parents are always mad at me for grades, lying, or something else stupid i messed up. i just want my parents to trust me, give me some responsibility, and actually be proud of me for something. i feel like my parents just want another daughter that will actually do something right. A lot of the time i just feel like Im the worst daughter ever and i cant do anything to change it. my mom hates me. and my dad and i are really close and hes my best friend, but im just messing things up so we drift apart. i want to do something right for a change because i hate who i am. i want to completely change who i am. i want to be the kid that their parents are proud to call them their daughter. i feel like they are ashamed to have me as a kid. what do i do?
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"Uh uh..Responsible Rule (it is a rule because it works every time if you are consistent with it) for being ok with yourself, coming up.; - - -. need to learn it young, preferably..... Do what you should do. When you should do it w Whether you feel like doing it or not."
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