What do you mean by Co-operating Processes?

Inform me about the Co-operating Processes?
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"For the additional serious, the actual plug services regarding Perl enable you to talk to some other process on the net making use of any reciprocally helped standard protocol that suits you. Effortlessly, this overall flexibility arrives at the price tag: you should experience several methods to set up the contacts and make sure you happen to be speaking identical language since the physical process on the other half end, which may subsequently need you to comply with a variety of various other odd persuits, based on the ethnic conferences at the office. Being protocoligorically rectify, you might possibly be asked to talk the language like Html document, or even Espresso, or perhaps Perl. Disasters. "
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"cooperating operations ar procedures in which interact personally to achieve a particular undertaking. "
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"Co-operating Processes : The concurrent processes executing in the Operating System may be either Independent Processes or Co-operating Processes. A process is Co-operating if it can affect or is affected by the other processes executing in the System. That means any process that shares data with other processes is a Co-operating Process. Source:"
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