What do you mean by the term “culture”?

What is the meaning of Culture and what are the major concepts associated with it?
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"Culture may be defined as the “personality of a society”. It is broad and all pervasive in nature, inclusive of language, customs and traditions, norms and laws, religion, art and music, etc. It also includes the interests of people, the work practices and orientations, as also their attitudes towards general and specific issues. Culture delineates precisely, the do’s and dont’s of a society, and specifies all that is acceptable and all that is not. It is reflective of values and beliefs that are widely accepted by members of a society. The members of a society subscribe to the various values, beliefs and norms, and this gives strength to a society’s culture. This does not imply that cultures are truly rigid; in fact, they evolve and adapt to changing situations and times. Source:"
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