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"I looked like I was twelve. Not even like jailbait young, just extremely underage. I tugged and pulled at my school uniform but there was nothing I could do. Regrettably, I just had a baby face. One exasperated sigh later I had move away from the mirror- my self confidence can only take so much- grabbed my backpack and slammed my bedroom door shut. I took the stairs two at a time, adding a little danger to my Monday morning but most importantly, pissing off Aunt Priscilla. 1,2,3...ah “What do you think you’re doing!” I gave my red face aunt a look of pure innocence. What could she possibly mean? Unfortunately she wasn’t having it. “Every ******* morning Madison! You are a normal person aren’t you?” No. “Then use the stairs like any other person would!” I do, I use them how a normal person would if they were indirectly trying to piss off their Aunt. She gave me one last fixed stare before returning to the kitchen bunny slippers and all. A look of pure mockery filed my face as her back was to me and I turned to my mother who had just hung back. “ I think I’ve got everything, I’ll leave you to tend to the house, Mum” I smiled, pressed my fingers to my lips then to hers. God, school, it could easily make you depressed. I pulled on my scarf on the way out the door making sure to slam it behind me."
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"This has nothing to do with botany, I am not impressed... Oh, and be more exact, I think it is 16 lines long and written in the Latin alphabet."
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"This Enjoy move sprang up not too long ago and also staged significant presentations within the City based in london and also Nyc, protesting around the unequal dispersion regarding riches along with the influence from the monetary providers business. "
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