What do you understand by Process Hierarchy?

Can you provide some information regarding Process Hierarchy?
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"Hierarchies possess their own particular language. These words tend to be least difficult to be aware of every time a chain of command is diagrammed (discover below). Your universal hierarchy employs this phrases:[one particular][3] Physical object: just one organization (E.G., an individual, office or even notion) or perhaps portion of set up or perhaps person in an arrangement Process: your entire group of items which are staying fixed hierarchically (e.g., a good current administration) Aspect: yet another phrase for ""method"" through on-range logical producing (E.g. ice) Penis: the (component or even item) in the (program or perhaps sizing) with any kind of (flat as well as rank) Position: the relative price, really worth, complexness, energy, relevance, authority, level and so on. of an thing Degree: a few items concentrating on the same crying(a) As well as value Buying: the particular agreement from the (rankings or perhaps levels)"
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". a head unit involving people or even things set up within a graded ordering two. (Christianity / Ecclesiastic Conditions) a shape involving people throughout holy orders structured directly into graded rates high a few. (Christianity / Ecclesiastic Conditions) this corporate human body of those consequently organized iv. (Living Sciences & Allied Applications / Biology) some coherent types in just a organization, such as arranging regarding plant life as well as pets into instruction, purchases, families, etc"
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"Process Hierarchy : Operating System needs some way to create and kill processes. When a process is created, it creates another process which in turn creates some more processes and so on. Thus it forms a Process Hierarchy or Process Tree. In this hierarchy a child process can have only one parent process where as a parent process can have multiple child processes. Source:"
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