What does the media strategy relate to?

My teacher asked this question during the lecture. Explain the media strategy relation?
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"The media strategy relates to first, the issue as to which medium is to be used for message delivery; and second, timing and the location of the message so that it has maximum impact (referred to as aperture). Source: "
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"Marketing strategy, while employed in your publicizing or even information supply (on the web televison broadcasting) sectors, is anxious along with the way emails will probably be brought to customers or perhaps recess marketplaces. It involves: determining this features in the audience or maybe market place, that need to find messages and also defining the particular traits in the marketing that'll be useful for your supply of the mail messages, while using purpose ok getting for you to have an effect on the actual behaviour with the market or maybe marketplace apposite towards the preliminary abbreviated. Degrees of these strategies currently have got rotated all around a Marketing Communications approaching by which numerous channels regarding advertising are widely-used we.e. promoting, public relations, occasions, one on one reception mass media, and so forth. "
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