What is Fresco painting? Can someone explain the use of materials and how it works?

Hullo Every person! I couldn't survive bothering nevertheless that appears far previously mentioned my own competence.
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Fresco is the art of painting on freshly spread moist lime plaster with water-based pigments.
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"Inwards fresco portray it's important to possess a good-believed-out there pattern prepared in advance, since the choice isn't going to make it possible for experiment or even alterations in attracting out of the box probable generally in most other ways of piece of art. If the plasterwork dries before it is concluded, or should you have created a critical problem, start again once more with a brand new coating—a bit of plastering knowledge may convince you actually that it must be wiser to perform the best you can while using bit before you—while daubing is usually the alone(p) hard part of fresco painting"
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