What if time and existence just glitched one day?

"I'm saying what life and time itself just glitched one day and like Mount Everest just deleted from existence? what if portals to the founders and makers of time just appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? What if there are like a group of extraterrestrial beings who made time and space and well existence and thought? What if they work so hard to create time and fix problems and errors that they just can't take more and start dying? What if when they start dying more errors start happening and planets start to explode and galaxies start to fall from their selves? What would happen when soon their only left with a good 2,500 people left and existence and life will be almost gone? What if 8,000,000,000 years in the future They will all die out and forever it's just black darkness and nothing else for eternity?"
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what if cheerios had souls? what if questions don't really have any definite answer. also, this life and time you're describing to me sounds more like a computer program than reality. time and existence can't "glitch", as there is no structural code in which there could be error. reality is not a static principle, it is dynamic and ever changing, so, in retrospect, all of the "malfunctions" you described would be just as expectable as your pet getting run over. nothing is certain and nothing ever will be
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