What if todays weponary appeared back in the 1800s?

Lets say for some reason a number of men now launched a meter unit and also had taken 5 aquariums half a dozen humvees having turrets a couple of gunships 2 dark blue destroyers and just started eradicating people would the individuals of their meter stopover these people and may even these people using their weapons of that moment
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"Yes, they could. You're overlooking something. Fuel and ammunition. Even by the late 1800s guns were not using the same ammo that are used today. And no one was making the fuel used by the vehicles you've selected. Few, if any, aboard the vehicles would know how to produce the fuel. Once the fuel and ammo ran out then the folks aboard would be out of luck and at the mercy of the people of the 19th century. BUT there's a bigger problem. The number of folks involved in this time hop. Let's say all the vehicles are US. The tanks would probably be the M1A1 Abrams, that's a crew of 4 so that's 16 people. The Humvee depends on the variant to depend on crew and troop capacity, but you really only need just one, a driver. With turret suggests at least two people, driver and gunner, so that would be at least 12 people. Gunship is hard to say what you want, the AH-64 Apache or the AC-130U Spooky II. Two Apache's would mean four people, two Spookys would mean 26 people. And then the destroyer, most likely an Arleigh Burke-class. What do you say, a Flight IIA sound good? Latest Arleigh Burkes are all Flight IIA ships and they'll each bring a compliment of 370 people or 740 for two. So at minimum your looking at between 772 and 794 people who would have to agree to this jaunt. Doubt three quarters of them would."
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"Human beings have in all probability often murdered one another. Early on citizenry applied golf equipment, axes along with warrior spears. They also employed bows and arrows. (Spelunk pictures through Spain courting from 10,000 to,000 B . c . present adult men preventing together with bows). The wooden club is really a remarkably efficient gun. Since six,thousand B . c . Photography equipment spelunk work display individuals with golf clubs. Later wood made groups remained as utilised in Cameras and the Ocean. Early axes ended up made from woodwind and jewel. (Such as the tomahawk with the Indigenous peoples). Even so the steel was not some sort of sensible weapon until men and women acquired turn into competent in making items by alloy."
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