What impact did the sinking of the lusitania have on today's world?

Help please?! My partner and i NEEED Aid Five hundred;
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"1. One of causes of U.S. involvement in WWI 2. Allies win WWI 3. Treaty of Versailles punishes Germany and allies, many angry Germans 4. Hitler rises to power, promising to bring Germany back to it's pre-treaty ""glory"" 5. Hitler attempts to expand looking for more ""lebensraum"" 6. Nazis take over most of Europe 7. Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, causing Germany to declare war U.S. 8. Allied victory in Europe 9. Allied victory over Japan with atomic bomb 10. Soviets detonate their atomic bomb, Cold War starts 11. Proxy Wars eg. Korea, Vietnam 12. Dissolution of Soviet Union 13. End of Cold War 14. U.S. emergence as dominant world power Source(s): all I could think of. Kind of a cause and effect type thing. What does the guy below me's video have to do with anything?"
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"This Lusitania ruined within 16 moments. However there was sufficient lifeboats for everyone passengers, the severe report on your deliver although it undone avoided about from currently being introduced decently. In the a single,959 folks up to speed, one particular,198 past away. The actual toll involving ordinary people murdered with this calamity surprised the entire world. People in the usa were annoyed to find out 128 U.Ersus. civilians were being mortally wounded inside a battle through which we were looking at formally basic. Doing damage to cruises not known being transporting battle products countered generally accepted worldwide struggle methodologies. The actual tragedy in the Lusitania heightened stress between Ough.Ohydrates. in addition to Malaysia and aided rock United states view and only becoming a member of the actual battle."
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