What is a 'creeping barrage'? Battle of the Somme?

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"The creeping barrage was an artillery tactic developed by the British army during ww1. The idea was that shelling would progress across no mans land to the enemy tembisa whilst the soldiers followed the shell fire across no mans land at a safe distance. This was a revolutionary tactic that mean that the Germans had no time to come out of there dugouts after a shelling before the British and allied soldiers overran them. This tactic effectivey broke the stalemate that had developed in trench warfare as previously the shell attacks would stop before the British attacking force even got out of there trenches meaning they were still in no mans land when the Germans left the shelter of their dugouts and had manned the defences, thus making it very hard for the allies to take an enemy trench."
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"Your Combat of the Somme (People from france: Bataille environnant les are generally Somme, German: Schlacht a der Somme), also referred to as your Somme Unpleasant, took place in the Very first Globe War involving i Come july 1st along with eighteen The fall of 1916 upon spare on both of the lake Somme throughout England. "
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