What is a database management system (DBMS)?

"Can someone provide me the general definition for A database management system (DBMS)? "
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"An accumulation applications that permits someone to shop, alter, along with remove facts coming from a data bank. There are many different kinds of DBMSs, starting from belittled programs of which run on laptops to help large devices that will operated with mainframes. Listed below are types of database software: "
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"DBMS (DBMS), Technique pertaining to rapid lookup along with recovery expertise from your database. The particular DBMS decides precisely how files ar kept as well as reclaimed. It has to target complications for example security, precision, consistence amongst distinct data, reaction time, as well as memory space demands. These issues ar most critical with regard to data source systems on laptop or computer communities. Actually-higher digesting rates are required pertaining to productive database direction. Relational DBMSs, through which facts ar prepared into a group of dining tables (“associations”) which have been easily reorganized regarding being able to view information diversely, are classified as the most favored currently. "
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"A database management system (DBMS) is a software package with computer programs that control the creation, maintenance, and use of a database. It allows organizations to conveniently develop databases for various applications by database administrators (DBAs) and other specialists. Source:"
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