What is a Defense mechanism?

tell me how our defense mechanism works?
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•Defense mechanisms refer to unconscious mental processes that protect the conscious person from developing anxiety–Sublimation:person channels energy from unacceptable impulses to create socially acceptable accomplishments–Denial:person refuses to recognize reality–Projection:person attributes their own unacceptable impulses to others –Repression:anxiety-evoking thoughts are pushed into the unconscious . Source:
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defence mechanism, inwards psychoanalytic theory, any of a small grouping of psychological functions that permits your head to realize give up methods of issues that it's struggle to resoluteness. The process is typically unconscious mind, along with the endanger commonly entails camouflaging from oneself interior hard disks or even feelings of which jeopardize to lower do it yourself-self-esteem or perhaps pressure stress. The style takes from your psychoanalytical conjecture we now have makes inside the head which oppose along with challenge against the other person.
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