What is a Need in the subject of Consumer Behaviour?

Please define the Consumer Behavior Keyword "Need"?
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"A need is a state of felt deprivation while a want is a desire for a specific satisfier. Example: A person is hungry. Need: HungerSource: http://in.docsity.com/en-docs/Consumer_Needs_and_Involvment_-_Consumer_Behavior_-_Solved_Quiz_"
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"Even though related, individuals are unique by themselves; they've requires as well as wishes which are varied and unique of one another; and the've distinct usage patterns as well as ingestion habits. Your internet marketer allows meet these kind of wants and also would like done solution and also support attractions. To get a company to outlive, compete and also grow, it is crucial the seller identifies these desires and needs, and solution products more effectively in addition to correctly in comparison with various other competitors. A wide nevertheless thorough information about consumers along with his or her usage actions is critical for the company achievement. Here, lies the particular substance associated with Purchaser Doings, an interdisciplinary issue, of which come about being a separate subject area within the sixties."
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