What is a network management system?

Describe Network Management System?
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"A network management system is a collection of tools for network monitoring and control that is integrated in the following senses: (1) A single operator interface with a powerful but user-friendly set of commands for performing most or all network management tasks. (2) A minimal amount of additional equipment. That is, most of the hardware and software required for network management is incorporated into the existing user equipment."
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"The particular ISO network administration model's several functional regions are down the page. Fault Direction—Recognize, separate, tell, as well as correct defects stumbled upon inside the community. Setting Administration—Shape issues with network devices for example settings document management, products managing, as well as software management. Performance Supervision—Monitor lizard along with evaluate a variety of issues with efficiency to ensure operation could be preserved at a satisfactory amount. Security measures Operations—Offer usage of multilevel equipment and also company resources in order to official men and women. Accountancy Administration—Consumption information regarding system means."
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