What is a secure hash function?

How do you describe secure hash function?
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"A secure hash function is a one-way function H that satisfies: 1. H can be applied to a block of data of any size. 2. H produces a fixed-length output. 3. H(x) is relatively easy to compute for any given x, making both hardware and software implementations practical. 4. For any given code h, it is computationally infeasible to find x such that H(x) = h. 5. For any given block x, it is computationally infeasible to find y ! x with H(y) = H(x). 6. It is computationally infeasible to find any pair (x, y) such that H(x) = H(y)."
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Safeguarded one particular-means hash functions (often known as content break down operates) usually are meant to supply proof information honesty, by giving the falsifiable finger marks, or even signature bank, of the information. Single-approach haschisch purpose They would runs using a good arbitrary size stimulation communication Meters, going back they would=They would(Meters). Quite qualities tend to be: Granted Mirielle, simple cypher they would=They would(Michael) Provided H, difficult to calculate M in a way that they would=L(M) -- ""1-way"" Offered M, difficult to find Michael' (completely different from Michael) so that They would(L)=H(Meters') (Not always fulfilled) Nearly impossible to find Thousand,Meters' so that L(Mirielle)=L(Mirielle') -- ""crash resistant"""
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