What is a software process?

Describe software process.
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•Software process is structured set of activities id t dl ft t required to develop a software system. Source:http://en.docsity.com/en-docs/Overview-Softwarre_Engineering-Lecture_Slides-Softwarre_Engineering-Lecture_Slides_
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"A few examples in the sorts of application physical process model that could be produced tend to be: i. The work-flow design. This particular demonstrates your succession associated with things to do along the way along with their advices, results and also dependencies. Those actions in this particular modelling map human being measures. 3. A dataflow or maybe activity type This specific signifies the task being a number of actions each of which carries out a number of facts transformation. It exhibits what sort of feedback for the procedure say for example a specs will be converted to an end result for example a design. Those activities in this article could possibly be for a reduce-degree when compared with activities in a very work flow product. They may map transformations carried out by persons as well as aside pcs. a few. A task/activity model This shows the particular functions of the people active in the software course of action plus the things to do that these are liable. "
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