What is a TCP implementation policy option?

What options does TCP implementation provide?
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"Data stream push: Ordinarily, TCP decides when sufficient data have accumulated to form a segment for transmission. The TCP user can require TCP to transmit all outstanding data up to and including that labeled with a push flag. On the receiving end, TCP will deliver these data to the user in the same manner. A user might request this if it has come to a logical break in the data. Urgent data signaling: This provides a means of informing the destination TCP user that significant or ""urgent"" data is in the upcoming data stream. It is up to the destination user to determine appropriate action."
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Retransmit insurance The particular emailer TCP organization needs to keep the sectors, that are already sent and not nevertheless acknowledged into a line up. You will find several means of controlling that waiting line and yes it’utes egg timer or even electronic timers: Giving TCP entity provides i retransmission cooking timer for the line. As soon as a acknowledgement arrives, identified sectors are usually taken from the queue up and the minutter will be recast. When egg timer finishes, next the primary part on the waiting line can be sent plus the timekeeper can be totally reset. Just like the foremost 1 when minutter runs out, the actual email sender sends just about all sectors along with resets the actual egg timer. To each one segment inside queue up has this’azines unique timer and also segments are usually taken care of individually. Whenever segment is taken away by line, besides the egg timer associated with removed segment has to be erased."
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