What is an Associative Network?

Explain in details the Associative Network of a Consumer Behavior Process?
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"The organized knowledge in a person memory about a domain is known as an associative network. It is referred to as an “associative network” as activating one node tends to activate other nodes which further activate other nodes and so on. Source:"
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"Multidimensional running (MDS), a well known classic technique for marketing and advertising scientists, diagrammatically road directions the way people survey along with separate brands. Equivalent manufacturers tend to be delineated as details enclose area, as well as distinct manufacturers they fit additionally separate. Associative sites signify client expertise since back links involving groups among ""nodes,"" or even models of knowledge such as brand names, capabilities, ads, and so on. Whilst online marketers recognize that multilevel products are well fitted to understanding customer judgement, evidently no more marketing research features but applied associative communities in order to observe branding consequences and methods. "
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