What is Downward mobility?

Describe the term Downward mobility.
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If some one undergoes demotion in his profession and position is Downward Mobility. e.g. if a Police I.G is demoted to lower rank is a Downward Mobility. Source:http://us.docsity.com/en-docs/Introduction_to_Sociology_Social_mobility-Lecture_Slides-Sociology-Barbara_A_Anderson
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"Downwards mobility is not anything this agreement most of us desire. Our own modern society is created on up freedom. The heroes are the types that have excelled in activities, inwards Showmanship, within warfare, within political science or in small business. Someone that presents herself for others might create the next 15 moment block in the local anesthetic media, as long as the item’S a pokey information twenty-four hours after which, only when anyone basically learns about that person (and that is impossible since this sort of people put on’testosterone levels give them selves with regard to identification merely beyond really like). "
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