What is entity type in a Database?

Do you know that what is an entity type of a database?
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"From the enterprise relationship world an thing is one area that will are present on their own and thus there is certainly normally a one-for you to-one human relationship concerning businesses as well as databases kitchen tables. Nonetheless, this kind of function is surely an implementation decisiveness: As an example, the ER diagram may contain several entities: Triangular, Sq along with Lap that could follow modelled as being a sole dining room table: Cast. "
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"This short article refers back to the approaches offered inwards Chris Chen's 1976 paper.[just one] Nonetheless, versions of the strategy been with us before,[2] and have been made eventually including supertype and subtype info businesses [several] in addition to commonality associations (a sample along with extra ideas may be the enhanced thing–romance design). "
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In a database an entity type is the equivalent of a table. Source:
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