What is interviewing in term of Software Engineering?

Define the term Interviewing.
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–Most commonly used requirements-gathering technique–Conducted one-on-one (one interviewer and one interviewee). Source:
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"half a dozen) Understand formulas in addition to info set ups. Just one topic with Silicon Valley is huge levels of data. And it is not absolutely on the traditional relational data bank type of files. Their hugely big datasets that want a lot of processing (think of the graphs designed for pagerank). One among my favorite/enjoyable interview questions (actually, possibly one among my ex lover-preferred considering that putting up this below agency it is way too nicely-regarded) is how you can type several materials. The complete beauty of this particular question for you is that will very many computer programmer interviewees possess provided me a suboptimal account that - whereas my personal ma (which, regardless of devising nuts full pirogis, has absolutely no personal computer training) started using it right. "
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