What is Investing Activities?

I would be grateful if someone could help me with this question. It is very important to know Investing Activities.
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"Investing activities is one of the ways to acquire assets. Cash flows from investing activities are usually reported in the second section of the statement of cash flows. Typical investing cash flows are presented below. Cash inflows from investing activities: Selling fixed assets Selling intangible assets Selling investments Collecting principal on loans made to other entities* (*) Collecting interest payments on loans made to other entities is reported as an operating activity because interest revenue involves income determination. Cash outflows from investing activities: Payments to purchase fixed assets Payments to purchase intangible assets Payments to purchase investments (i.e., equity securities of other entities) Making loans to other entities"
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"A specific thing within the cashflow affirmation which accounts the actual mixture change in a new firm's income place caused by just about any gains (as well as deficits) through purchases within the real estate markets as well as running subsidiaries, as well as modifications caused by sums used on assets inside cash resources for instance vegetable and apparatus. "
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