What is it called when you fight with a sword and a shield?

i am just considering specially similar how a gladiators competent in your luduses in rome. make sure you let me know there is a reputation for that i have already been shopping on-line(a) everyplace and i cannot find some thing
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"In one Renissance fencing manual it's sword and buckler is the style. But essentially there is no real term for it. With gladiators you're refering to a specific type of gladiator who was trained to primarily fight using a sword and shield or how they were equipped. The Hoplomachus, mneant to resemble the Greek Hoplite soldiers, was equiped with a gladius, a small, round shield, and a spear. The Murmillo, or Myrmillo, was equipped with a gladius and a shield in the same style the leigonaires carried. The Provocator carried a tall, rectangular shield and a gladius. The Samnite, called the lucky ones because they carried ""large shields and good swords,"" was equipped with a large ratangular shield, called scutum, and some kind of short sword, probably a gladius. The Secutor, an off shoot of the Myrmillo, carried a rectangular shield and a gladius though their helmet was different from the Myrmillo. The Thraex carried a square shield known as a parmula and a Thracian curved sword."
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