What is kind of cash is the cash tender offer?

I would be v.v.v.v.thankful to whoever who would give me answer for the cash tender offer.
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"Young offers are a company financing phrase denoting a sort of coup bet. This tender offer is a open, start offer you as well as invitation (generally announced in a newspaper advertisement) with a prospective merchant bank to all or any stockholders of a publicly owned corporation (the prospective company) to be able to soft the stock for sale at the given selling price on a given moment, subject to the particular tendering of your minimum along with maximum number associated with explains to you. Inside a young crack, your bidder acquaintances investors immediately; this directors of the troupe could have supported the particular young provide pitch. "
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"Your Board of Directors of BioClinica has unanimously permitted along with declared wise this acquisition agreement as well as the deals contemplated therefore, including the soft crack, asserted that the actual acquisition agreement and also the dealings considered therefore, including the affectionate present, usually are honest in order to and the most effective likes and dislikes of BioClinica’S stockholders, in addition to proposed that BioClinica’azines stockholders accept the actual offer you and also young the explains to you pursuant towards the supply. "
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