What is long-term preparation in SAT test preparation?

How can long-term preparation help a student to achieve good score in SAT?
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Long-term preparation: a student is essentially preparing for his or her college entrance examinations throughout high school. The College Board suggests taking upper-level, challenging classes, such as Advanced Placement courses, reading as much as possible and working on achieving good grades, as well as becoming familiar with the test format ahead of time. Source:
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The particular Lay is a interchangeable test pertaining to university admissions in the usa. Your Lay is actually owned, publicized, as well as manufactured by the school Table, a not-for-profit in the United States. It absolutely was formerly designed, posted, in addition to won from the Instructional Tests Assistance which still regulates the exam. Quality is intended to examine any present student's openness regarding university. It was initially presented inside 1926, and its particular brand along with score get improved more than once.
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