What is Operating Activities?

Hi Docsity Community, can some one provide information on the Operating Activities.
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"An activity that directly affects an organization's cash inflows and outflows, and determine its net income. Cash inflows result from sales of goods or services, sale of shares, and from income earned on investments. Cash outflows result from equipment and inventory purchases, interest and principal payments on loans, salaries, dividends, and various other costs and expenses. "
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"The particular working things to do of the stage business are generally it's central lifestyle regarding earning cash, marketing and advertising the item and also program promotions, giving pay-roll tweaking it's amenities. Functioning profits, the industry series object about the operating statement, would be the distinction between revenues and also functioning charges, such as the cost of goods marketed. The actual functioning things to do portion of your assertion of money runs summarizes the money inflows along with outflows coming from a business's central actions. "
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