What is Prussia now? And how did it change to something else?

Doing background wondered what the results are for you to Prussia?? Is it still all-around?
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"Prussia was a kingdom in Europe for about 600 years; bordering on the Baltic sea in the North, Poland and Russia in the East, Denmark in the West and Saxony/Hesse/Westphalia in the South. Prussia ceased to exist as a separate sovereign state on 1st January 1871. It became a component of the new German Empire, formed from the amalgamation of 27 German-speaking cities, principalities, kingdoms and republics. The Prussian capital of Berlin became the capital of the new country of Germany. Austria, the other major German-speaking state in Europe, was excluded from the German Empire for two main reasons. First, Austria wanted to be the dominant force in the new Germany, with the capital in Vienna; which none of the northern and western German states would accept. Second, Prussia and Austria had fought a war in the 1860s over the allegiance and ownership of various parts of northern Europe. Austria lost and Prussia resisted all attempts to incorporate Austria into Germany. And they are separate to this day. That's where Prussia came from and ended up."
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