What is Risk while making a purchase decision?

Can some one provide the information of Risk. Explain it in the context of Consumer Behavior.
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"While making a purchase decision and immediately after having made a purchase, consumers experience a state of uneasiness and tension. The purchase process results in a state of anxiety and tension with respect to the negative consequences that could result from product usage. This state known as “perceived risk”; it refers to a feeling of uncertainty that arises within an individual when he fails to predict the consequences of product choice, usage and resultant experience. This feeling arises because the consumer cannot judge with certainty the consequences of their purchase decision. The circumstance that led to such a state is lack of information, newness of the product/service offering, complexity of the offering, high price, etc. Source:"
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"1. Any chance or perhaps danger of harm, injury, indebtedness, deprivation, or any other negative incident that is certainly due to outside as well as home(a) weaknesses, and this may be definitely avoided by means of pre-emptive motion. "
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