What is Semi-Structured Interview?

Hi I am conducting a seminar on interviewing skill and I need some material about Structured Interview for my presentation. Please help me out.
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The structured appointment furthermore standardises an order where questions tend to be asked regarding study answerers, hence the queries are invariably solved inside similar linguistic context. This is important intended for reducing the actual effect regarding linguistic context consequences, the spot that the answers directed at some sort of review doubt depends on the nature connected with earlier issues.
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Set up job interviews can also be used as a qualitative analysis strategy. These kinds of interviews might be best best for doing respondent or maybe focus team reports in which it might be beneficial to examine/compare participator responses to be able to answer a study dilemma
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"Semi-structured interview: Wide-ranging category of interview in which the interviewer commences with a set of interview themes but is prepared to vary the order in which questions are asked and to ask new questions in the context of the research situation. The responses/information/ data are recorded by note-taking, or perhaps by tape-recording the conversation. Source:"
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